Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Road Trip: Chepstow, Gloucester & Roast

Our goal is to do as much exploring as possible while the weather is nice so last Sunday off we went to explore a bit of Wales, which is literally right down the road from us. We started in Chepstow. Why? Cuz it looked like a good place to venture to and had a castle. The fun of this part of the world is you can just start driving and are bound to run into a castle, cathedral or other historic something in just about any direction!

First Stop: Chepstow
First, we had to cross the suspension bridge into Wales. Toll for the bridge was 6 GBP! But you only pay coming from England to Wales. The other direction is free. Apparently, the bridge was built by Wales.

Here's the cute little town of Chepstow. This bunting you see is very common in the little towns and villages. I'm curious to see if it's just a summer thing or if they change them with the seasons - maybe lights for Christmas?

And here's the castle. We only walked around the outside. Spent all our money crossing the bridge and it didn't seem like there was much to see inside.

Yep, we're in Wales alright - that's welsh language on the sign.

Second Stop: Gloucester
The plan was to follow the Wales coast and then around back into England to stop in Gloucester, but our Sat Nav didn't know the plan and took us back over the suspension bridge the way we came. So, we saw a bit less of Wales then planned, but still a very pretty drive.

The highlight of Gloucester is the cathedral. Well, that and the largest most convoluted roundabout we've seen to date! The cathedral is huge, beautiful and they charge to take photos! So, you'll get a view of the exterior. (Okay, we're not really that cheap, but I really get irritated when churches charge a tourist fee so out of principle I rarely pay it. We usually make a donation to light a candle for loved ones instead.)

An overcast day but I actually think it adds some drama to the photos. (Yeah, those are the kinds of excuses I will now start making regularly to cope with the UK weather! :)

We did have to sneak one inside photo as apparently part of one of the Harry Potter movies was filmed in this corridor!

Last Stop: Tortworth Court for Sunday Roast
One of the strong UK traditions is the Sunday Roast. It's a family roast lunch that probably followed church services back in the day and now is offered at most inns, pubs and restaurants on Sunday afternoons. We visited Tortworth at our letting agent's advice. She encouraged us to have our first at a 'proper restaurant' instead of a pub. The place was amazing and the food was a grand buffet with pork, beef, turkey and all the trimmings. We were stuffed and quite happy by the time we headed home.

They also serve afternoon tea in the atrium below - might have to come back some time.

And just to make the day perfect, we drove home in a rainstorm!

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