Saturday, February 17, 2018

Family Visit: Stonehenge & Wells Cathedral

The following day greeted us with some of the best weather you'll find in England. Mild temps, bright sun and a crystal clear blue sky. The day's adventure included Stonehenge and a visit to Wells Cathedral.

Stonehenge was amazing and the photos don't do it justice. The visitor centre provides a few theories about who built the structure and why, but the bottom line is that no one knows for sure. But even with the buses of tourists, you can feel that there's something mysterious and serene about the place.

After a visit to the gift shop - man those visitors can shop - we headed off to Wells. Someone at work had told me it was a pretty little town with a nice Cathedral. Boy, was that an understatement. The cathedral was massive and gorgeous.

We had also wanted to visit the Bishop's gardens, but apparently the Bishop's son was getting married so the gardens were closed to visitors. We walked around the outside instead and saw some lovely views here as well.

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