Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Little Wine Tasting in Bristol

When you move to a new city and have no friends or family around, you need to work hard to get out and meet people. It can be tempting and easy to stay home and burrow in, but we've learned from our experiences that the sooner you get out, the more chance you have of meeting some new friends. And while the friends part hasn't really happened yet, we have been meeting some nice acquaintances, getting to know the city, and exploring through our various adventures. A few weeks ago, that adventure was a wine tasting event at Avery's, which is one of the oldest wine cellars in Bristol. And I do mean wine cellar literally - have a look.

We were greeted with a glass of bubbly and, after a brief introduction to Avery's history, split into 4 groups. The afternoon would consist of four 30 minute sessions, each focused on a different region or type. The sessions were: Italy, Germany, New Zealand and Sparkling.

The Sparkling guy brushing up on his session before we got started. By the time we met with him (#4) he was feeling pretty good and I swear even slurred once or twice. Who knows if we got all the information or whether it was accurate. (We didn't really care by that point either!)

Yes, it's really a wine cellar! And it was gorgeous. Lots of character and a really fun venue for a nice afternoon of tasting and meeting new people.

Renee, do you think this bottle is big enough for us?

We were pleasantly surprised by the German session (some really delicious white wines) and the sparkling (of course that might be because it was the last session and we were tipsy!) 

Overall, a great time and a wonderful way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.

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