Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sunday Road Trip: Weston's Cider Mill Tour & Lunch

Our last Sunday road trip took us Northwest again - this time to Weston's Cider Mill where we got a tour of how hard apple and pear ciders are made. Cider is BIG in Bristol with literally hundreds of varieties and lots and lots of mills (breweries?) We had a lovely little tour , some tastes of a number of different ciders, and a great lunch of bangers and mash (sausages & mashed potatoes).  A fun afternoon.

The first two photos are of the original cider press - apples come in, get smushed and the juice gets fermented with champagne yeast. And I think a bit more . . .


Apple washing station of the mill
One of the fermentation barrels. We were told it takes about 12 apples to make 1 pint of cider.
Rosie's pig is one of their types of ciders. They deliver all their own cider to their distributors.
A view of the shipping yard. This ain't no small operation!

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